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Yucca Valley Dating

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Selling Tips

FOUR Things You Must Do To
Get Classified Ads That SELL!

How to write them, where to put
them, and what makes people buy.

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

You’ve heard the old saying,
“It takes money to make money.”
They might as well include “It
takes BIG money to make big money.”
The local furniture store that always
has a TV commercial on the
evening news may be spending a
million dollars or more each year
to get those ads.

So what’s a small or home-based
business to do? How can you get
advertising that really works?

When your budget is tight, use classified ads.
These small ads come in a variety of sizes,
costs, and appear everywhere from
neighborhood newsletters to big national
magazines to websites on the Internet.
1. Target your best prospects.
2. Write a good headline.

3. Keep the body of your ad short.
4. Track your ads.

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Buying And Selling Tips for Classified Ads

tips brought to you by
New York, NY Free Classifieds

Think of your Title is your advertising and
your item description is your salesperson.
On the web, how your potential buyer perceives
you and your product is everything
in a classified site.

Be sure to use power words in your title.
Rare, Unique, Powerful,New, Unusual,
Stunning, Top Notch, First Class, etc.
Just be sure not to exaggerate. Don’t
call something “rare” if it is not.

Writing a classified ad is the art of
showcasing yourself and what you
sell to your buyer in the best possible
light. It’s the most important
thing you have going for you in an ad.
A carefully crafted sales ad
can increase your sales and traffic
results exponentially

How to Use Free Classified Ads
to Your Advantage

Article from

When you have a small home business,
free classified ads are a great tool
to use. For one thing, it’s easy on your
budget, which is a big deal for most small
business owners. For another, most of these
free classified ads are easy to access
(another plus). The key is to find the ones
that will work the best for you and your

How to Prepare

There are some things you need to think about before
you even place an ad, whether it’s free or not.
You need to have a registered business name and a
business license so that your business is a
legitimate entity. If a potential customer or
client wants to verify your business, they should
be able to find it registered under the city,
county or state where your business is located.

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Top 10 Proven Classified Ad Selling Tips
To Guarantee A Successful Sale
By Janet Doherty


Determine the items around your home that
you no longer need. Once you have collected
these items, confirm that they are in working
order and in good selling condition.
If items have been in storage for a long
period of time, you may need to clean
them up to make them more attractive
to potential buyers.


After all items are collected, do your research.
Determine the value of your items and decide
whether it would be worth you time and effort
to place a classified ad.Some things will do
well on their own while others may do better
in a garage sale setting. If certain items do
not have enough value to justify placing an
advertisementand you are not interested in
hosting a garage sale, donate these items to
a local charity for a nice tax deduction.

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Ad Sellint Tips

Knowing the Tricks
and Tips of Free Classified Advertising

All free classified sites are not created equal.
You should focus on a few good sites and post
your ads regularly in those sites only. Your starting
point is Google search. Go to and search
for “free classifieds” and “free ads”. From the search
result pages, visit 10 to 15 sites and register in those
sites. If a site asks too many questions during the registration
process, abandon the site and go to the next site. Why
should you have to provide all your personalinformation
for the site’s benefits? Good sites will only ask minimal
questions to setup your account so that you can edit,
delete and renew your ads. Also, look for sites that
will allow you to post without any registration.

Write a precise ad using 80 to 100 words. Write about
benefits of your products and services for ad viewers.
Try to think benefits in terms of generating extra income,
improving health and relationships and providing a sense of
good feelings when they use your products and services.

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